Koi Fish Color Meaning

We all know that Koi fish are beautifully colored, well let’s talk about their colors and the meanings. This way when you head out to buy your Koi fish for your at home pond you will know what colors mean what and how to select your Koi fish. Try to remember that there is more to Koi fish than just being pretty colored fish there is symbolism and meaning behind their colors.

The Symbolism behind Koi Fish

In Japan the Koi fish is considered to be a symbol of good fortune, luck, friendship, and even love. Within the Buddhist religion these beautiful fish symbolize courage. There is an old Chinese legend that points to the fish being symbolic of advancement. Even today they are still considered to be symbolic of advancement materially as well as spiritually.

The Color Meanings

Alright so we covered a little bit about the symbolism of these beautiful fish, now we need to talk about the color and the meaning of the Kou fish coloring.

The coloring in Koi fish relate to the families they belong to. Don’t forget that this fish is symbolic of friendship and love, which is something that all families value. Certain colors of Koi fish stand for certain members of a family for example: a white and blue Koi stand for a son in the family. The red and pink Koi stand for the daughter in the family. The red Koi stands for the mother of the family and the black Koi is the representative of the father of the family. So you see when you talk about the colors of the Koi and how they represent each member, that this colors really do represent that.


Not all of the colors with a Kou fish have to do with family however. Some of the other colors represent other areas such as wealth, friendship, or success.

No matter what the color of your Koi fish is in your pond you need to always remember that the meaning is always some good and positive and never a negative meaning. Any Koi fish that you add to your pond is going to just add in positive energy.

Some of the other Koi fish and their color meanings

  • Asagi – This fish is pale blue with an orange – red type color of a belly. The scales on it’s back from a net pattern. The word Asagi actually means pale blue.
  • Ogon – This Koi fish is a shiny metallic Koi is usually gold or orange. You can also find these Koi fish in cream color, and actually they are rare in that color. Ogon means gold.
  • Bekko – The Koi fish can be the color white, yellow, and red. This Koi fish also has black markings on their body. The word Bekko translates into tortoise shell.
  • Kohaku – This type of Koi fish is actually the most popular and the colors of the fish are red and white. The Japanese translation for the Kohaku is Red and White.

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