How to Repair a Koi Pond Leak

How to Repair a Koi Pond Leak

How to repair a leak in your Koi Pond

Once you’ve located where the leak in your pond is whether it is your plumbing equipment or in the liner itself you will need to fix the leak.

If you can see the leak you will have a fairly easy job repairing. Assuming your koi pond liner is rubber, which most of them are you can patch the liner just like you would a car tire. You will need to purchase a patch or more for future leaks and a roll of patching material. Chances are if you have a leak today you might encounter some more down the line and you’re better off being safe than sorry.

Make sure the liner surrounding the leak is clean and dry. Scrub the liner with the same scrubber you would use for your dishes, just make sure there is no soap in the scrubber. After you finish scrubbing the leak make sure you rinse and let it completely dry out. If you’re in a hurry to have the leak dry get a hairdryer and have that help it along.

Once the area is completely dry you will then apply the patch to the leaking area, and make sure you apply the patch according to the packages directions. Your work is now done and you can fill the pond back up with water and put your koi fish back into their habitat.

If you have a concrete pond here is how you can repair that:

There is only one somewhat cheap way to repair a concrete pond that is leaking. One problem with a concrete pond is that the ground is constantly shifting, freezing, and thawing. You will need to clean out the crack in the pong and use some plumber’s epoxy to patch the crack. If the crack is too large and that doesn’t work chances are your leak is not going to be fixed by patching.

If your pond is made of a recycled swimming pool liner or PVC liner you aren’t going to be able to repair the leak you will instead to start all over again with your pond. I strongly recommend not using this type of liner with a koi pond. If you use a pre form hard shell for your pond liner and this cracks you are not going to be able to repair that.

If the leak in your pond is in the plumbing you might not have the tools or the knowledge to repair the leak yourself. You might need to hire a pond company to come out and repair the plumbing leak in your pond. Make sure before you hire a company to come out and help you repair the leak in your pond you make sure they’re a reputable company and worthy of your business. If you can check the valves of your plumbing assemblies and fittings for problems causing the leak in your koi pond. Look at your skimmer and/or the filtration system and make sure they’re also clean and in sound working order. Then again these might be items you can’t look at yourself and will need to have the company look at.


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