How to Care for Koi Fish

How to Care for Koi Fish

How to Care for Koi Fish

Having koi fish is a time consuming hobby, but one you will feel accomplished about. You will feel accomplished and relaxed when you and your loved ones are sitting out by your koi fish pond admiring all of your hard work watching your group of happy fish swimming about in the pond.

Here are some tips on caring for koi fish.

Get a Pump and Skimmer – If you don’t have a pump and skimmer for your koi pond you’re going to need to get one, asap. Ideally this should be done prior to introducing your koi fish to the pond itself. Having the skimmer and pump in your pond means that your koi pond will be a nice clean habitat for your koi.

A good rule of thumb to keep in mind is for every full grown koi you need 100 gallons of water. So a pond that has 1,500 gallons of water in it can comfortably hold 15 full grown koi fish. Make sure you keep this in mind when you’re planning your koi fish pond.

Now you need to purchase some Koi fish – In order to buy koi fish you need to know where to go and that could mean heading to a koi fish trade show (which might cost you more money for the fish), or head to a local koi fish retailer. Do your research. If only the best is going to do for you than you’re going to want to buy some show quality koi fish, but keep in mind show quality koi fish are not cheap and you will be looking at spending quite a few thousand dollars. On the other hand if just having some koi fish for enjoyment is what you’d like than buying some reasonably priced average koi fish is the other option, go with that one. Another viable option would be if you have a friend with koi fish they might be willing to sell some of theirs to reduce some overcrowding.

Water Quality Importance is high on the priority list when talking about caring for Koi fish. You will need to keep a close eye on regulating the water temperature, light condition, and nutrient concentration as each season comes and goes. The pH range in your koi pond should be between 7-7.5. As talked about earlier you will need to install a pump and a skimmer system. You should monitor the quality of the water on a regular basis and can replace 20% of the ponds water at least once every two weeks or so.

Feeding the koi is another essential part of caring for koi fish. Make sure you are feeding your koi fish the appropriate fish food that is made specifically for koi fish. You will be able to find koi fish food in either pellet or stick form. During each stage of the koi fishes life they will need different levels of protein and make sure you are getting a koi fish food that has the proper amount of protein for the age of the fish.

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