Guide to Koi Prices

Guide to Koi Prices

Guide to Koi Prices

If getting some Koi fish for your pond is on your mind you are going to need to understand the pricing of Koi so you can get Koi for the right value.


Before you spend any money on Koi fish you’re going to want to decide what type of Koi you want, that will determine the price of your Koi fish. The type of fish is going to be known by the pattern and coloring on the Koi fish. Naturally with everything there are some Koi fish that are more popular than others. The more popular Koi fish make the price of Koi fish to go up.


Quality is important when we start talking about buying Koi fish. When you purchased your car, home, dog, or furniture quality mattered, and it is no different with Koi. Quality is what will determine price on a Koi fish. Now keep in mind a prize winning Koi fish can be sold for hundreds of thousands of dollars, yes hundreds of thousands. Take a breath and let’s move on.


Colors are extremely important when purchasing a Koi fish. The purity and depth of the color is important. This is especially important when we start talking about the purity of the whites, depth of black, and boldness of the reds.


There are patterns that desirable and patterns that are less desirable. Look out for some unique patterns on the Koi fish, which if you don’t know can also make the price of the Koi fish sky rocket.


When it comes to buying Koi fish bigger is better. Now if you don’t want to spend a ton of money on Koi fish you should look at some younger fish. You will know they are younger because they are smaller. The younger fish aren’t going to cost a whole lot of money. The only problem is with a young Koi you can’t always tell the quality of the fish and you in essence are going to be gambling that the young Koi is going to turn out to be quality.


If you buy your Koi fish from a breeder you are going to spend a bit more money, but the payoff is you will end up with a better quality Koi fish. If you head to the local pet store you will find Koi the question is what will the quality be and the price? Your price will most likely be less because you are at a pet store, but you might also be sacrificing quality by getting your Koi from the pet store.

Do your Research

Don’t just hop online and expect to find some stellar Koi for an even better price. Do your research and see what the cost of a Koi fish really is. Do your research before dropping a bunch of money on a fish that isn’t going to be worth the price you paid ever. Try to remember just because the Koi is large does not mean the Koi is worth a ton of money.

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